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Welcome to Discovery Learners' Academy! 

DLA is a school for learners of all types who are eager to learn and question, to create and problem-solve, to fail boldly and try again, and to have a lot of fun along the way. 

As a parent and a teacher, I love learning and, especially, seeing others learn. Unfortunately, traditional school is not an environment that brings out the love of learning for many students. As I searched for an option for my own children, and listened to parents who were unsatisfied with the options they had for theirs, I started dreaming. I dreamed of a school where  learners would discover their unique talents and interests and would be both supported and challenged as they sought to discover and become their best self. I envisioned a school where learners would explore their world and really dive into the parts that interested them specifically, a place where they would be challenged to think more deeply and critically, all the while embraced for exactly who they are. It would be a school where learners would work alongside mentors to set goals and work towards them. A place where creativity, curiosity, bravery, and kindness would be more important than arbitrary grades. With a board of tremendously kind, creative, generous, and dedicated people, that dream has become a reality. 


I would love to share more about the school with you and answer any questions you may have. Please reach out anytime! 

Rachel Good

Lead Learner, Discovery Learners' Academy


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