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About DLA

We are a microschool, which means we are intentionally small, with a max capacity under 100 total students PK-12th grade. Being micro gives us a lot of flexibility in moving kids between studios (our version of a classroom) based on their needs, the ability to know every single individual child deeply, and allows us to cultivate bravery, kindness, creativity, and curiosity. DLA serves all types of learners, though our model does require that learners have the ability to work independently to some degree and is unable to support severe behavior needs. Many of our learners have ADHD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorders, Giftedness, or Anxiety. Many learners are some combination thereof (2e). Learners who are artistic, wiggly, quirky, leaders, or ask a lot of questions tend to thrive here. We believe diversity of all kinds creates a richer community. 



We think DLA is the best school around, but you don't have to take our word for it. ;) 

Here's what our parents are saying about us.

Related Research

The DLA Model has not been researched (yet!), but many of the key components have been shown to be effective!


Here are a few studies you can review for yourself. 


Vision & Mission

We envision a community and ultimately a world that is brave, kind, curious, and creative. 

Our mission is to be a place of learning where all members are loved and accepted exactly as they are, where we are safe to aim high, fail, and learn and try again, and where each learner leaves us thinking critically, solving problems creatively, and ready to bravely, kindly, creatively, and curiously change their community.


The DLA Team aims to model bravery, kindness, curiosity, and creativity every day. 

Meet the Team

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