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Join us in reminaging education

Traditional schools focus on academics only yet 64% of 3rd graders in Hamilton County are failing math AND reading.

DLA is a child-centered model that teaches social emotional skills, critical thinking, creative problem solving, self discovery, AND academics. 

Our model works: Half of our elementary and secondary students made 1 full grade level of academic progress in at least one area in half a year.

We are changing lives & we can't do it without you.




Median annual salary for a household in Hamilton Co. 

Average annual tuition for 1 child at Chattanooga private school. 

DLA annual tuition for 1 child.

DLA operating expenses per child (this will decrease as our capacity increases).



Needed annual income for a  household with 1 child to afford $7k in childcare/tuition.

Be the change

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