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What do parents say about DLA? 

When asked, "What do you like about DLA, one mom answered, "Everything. :) [Our daughter] is so happy. It's a night and day difference from last school year.

"My children feel seen and they enjoy coming to school." ~DLA Parent with a child in our primary studio and a child in our elementary studio

"The kids are still happy to go to school and don't want to miss days even though we've offered them days off if they want a break. We feel the work is challenging without feeling overwhelming. Still love that they don't have homework to bring home. I appreciate the flexibility and understanding all teachers show to our having to pick up the kids at random times for appointments." ~DLA parent with primary, elementary, and secondary learners

"[Our son] loves school! He talks about his teachers and friends all the time at home. We are so thankful for a learning environment he enjoys and thrives in. The social interaction at school is so important and helpful for him." ~DLA Parent of a learner in our primary studio


“My son had always struggled in school. When he was struggling even more with transitioning into middle school, he began working with Rachel, who was a high schooler at the time. Rachel began setting aside several days and hours of her personal time each week to tutor him. She became his number one fan and a safe place where he knew he would be seen and heard. He loved her and the patience she showed towards him. Rachel made him feel that anything was possible for him if he worked hard at achieving it. She not only took him under her wing, supported him when the school would not, and made him work hard, but she gave him the confidence to believe in himself.”

— Latricia L.

“As a mentor at DLA Summer Experience, I saw campers who would not thrive in a traditional classroom flourish at DLA Summer Experience because Rachel was able to adapt to the kids’ specific needs instead of needing them to fit in a cookie cutter model. On a personal note, the DLA model has helped break my own child out of some of his rigidity because it has taught him that it is safe to fail. ”


— Leah F.

DSC_7028 (1).jpg

“Rachel has been working with my son on and off since he was in third grade. [He is in high school now.] He has ADD so school has never been an easy thing for him. She never saw him as a problem child, but one with great potential! She has an abundance of patience and an ability to help him understand the concept behind what he is trying to do rather than just pushing him through the curriculum to satisfy a pacing guide.”


— Lisa B.

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